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We are Professional Energy and Renewables Consultants

Alpha Maxvalue Energy and Renewables Ltd was incorporated on the 25th May 2021 and following the processing and obtaining of  industry licenses, permits and approvals, commenced operations on the 1st of November 2021.

The Alpha Maxvalue Energy and Renewables Ltd team is led by Kadiri John, who act as the Managing Director and Principal Commercial Consultant. John has vast experience in Power, Oil and Gas Industries garnered over a period of twenty-one years working for Agip-ENI and The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC –Operator of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Total Exploration and Production Nigeria Ltd, Nigerian Agip Oil Company, Joint Venture) in various roles in finance and commercial before retiring as manager and head of gas and power commercial operations. While in Shell, John had the opportunity of leading and managing various assignments with marginal field operators, third party gas suppliers, numerous gas customers and transporters, gas business and associated arrangements with the Nigeria LNG Ltd (NLNG) on the various trains and gas sales/supply to the West Africa regional market, all across the east and western pipeline network of the Nigerian market.

John was part of SPDC extended leadership team for over nine years, and contributed to the company’s development and delivery of operational excellence on key matrices as ethics and compliance, people, safety, project maturation, production and cash flow, among others. Over this same period, he was a gas and power commercial subject matter expert and also contributed to the development and delivery of key portfolio actions that supported the various tranches of onshore blocks divestments and transition to new owners, Oil Mining Licenses renewals, Shell Nigeria gas and power strategy, Offshore Production Sharing Contract renewal, various alternative funding initiatives that helped joint partners cash call defaults, efforts to keep the NLNG trains gas sufficient, and the delivery of the NLNG train 7 final investment decision, among others.

As SPDC management representative for the 650 MW Afam VI Power Plant, he also had the unique opportunity of working closely with the Nigerian power sector stakeholders, both at ministerial, regulatory and investors level, post 2013 privatisation to navigate the challenges in the market and contributed to some of the solutions to the lingering concerns in the sector.

John was member, Rivers State Government of Nigeria Gas Distribution Master Plan Committee May 2009 to 30 November 2010 and member Technical Sub- committee, Federal Government of Nigeria Inter-Ministerial Committee on Utorogu Wet Gas Commercialization- August 2008.

Prior to joining the Oil and Gas industry, John, had worked for about nine years in financial consulting, construction industry and later in audit and assurance, where he had the privilege to lead major assignments, including as controller, professional import duty administrators for the federal government of Nigeria at the Warri, Sapele and Koko Sea ports, where he worked closely with the Nigeria Customs Service and other government agencies, to improve international trade, revenue collection and operational transparency.

Our Team

Kadiri John

Managing Director